Georgia born, Chicago seasoned and back south doing what I love, cooking. 


Backing up 9 years ago I decided to dive into the professional world of chefs. I graduated form the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2010 then moved to Chicago the following year to continue my quest. I've worked in a range of places, from hotels to micro gastro pubs, from breweries to Michelin stars. I feel like I got a great taste of the brick and mortar restaurant scene. Then I decided to go down a different route. I was tired, maybe even a little bored with restaurants. They seemed to be all the same.


So I started my own "underground dinning." Each night I'd invite strangers into my home to serve them a multi course tasting menu. I cooked by myself no one to answer to besides the six guests, which gave me a chance to try out new ideas and to truly cook what I wanted. The menu would change constantly and the guest appreciated all the thought that went into each menu. I'd pick up ideas for dishes along my travels; I'd get inspiration from other chefs and I'd listen to what my new dinner guests had to say. It was a wonderful time. But as the saying goes; 2020.

I had to close my doors and with everything going on in Chicago, it didn't feel like the right place for me to be anymore. So I headed back south to Georgia with new dreams and goals.  



What I Do

 Personal, delicious, clean, right. 

I do love the question "what's your speciality?" My answer is always the same; food. Basically anything around food and drink. 

Here are some of the strong suits:

  • Cooking Classes (pasta, sushi)

  • Private Dining 

  • Tasting Menus (7-15 courses)

  • Cocktail Parties

  • Weddings/Birthdays

Got dietary restrictions? No problem. I love to cook and I love meeting new people so whatever you are celebrating/hosting/or just need someone to cook you dinner. 





Got questions or just want to get to know me? Say hello, I won't keep you on read.
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