I'm going to keep this short because literature is fun but eating is better.


Georgia born, Chicago trained, and now back south doing what I love, cooking. 


Backing up 9 years ago I decided to dive into the professional world of chefs. I graduated form the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2010 then moved to Chicago the following year to continue my quest. I've worked in a range of places, form hotels to micro gastro pubs, from breweries to Michelin stars. I feel like I got a great taste of the brick and mortar restaurant scene. Then I decided to go down a different route. I was tired, maybe even a little bored with restaurants. They seemed to be all the same.


So I started my own "underground dinning." Each night I'd invite strangers into my home to serve them a multi course tasting menu. I cooked by myself no one to answer to besides the six guests, which gave me a chance to try out new ideas and to truly cook what I wanted. The menu would change constantly and the guest appreciated all the thought that went into each menu. I'd pick up ideas for dishes along my travels; I'd get inspiration from other chefs and I'd listen to what my new dinner guests had to say. It was a wonderful time. But as the saying goes; 2020.

I had to close my doors and with everything going on in Chicago, it didn't feel like the right place for me to be anymore. So my girlfriend (Samantha Demichael) and I drove south to Georgia to start new roots.

Here's where you come into play. Sammy and I, both being chefs are extending our hospitality to you. 



What We Do

We do hospitality the way we would want it. Personal, delicious, clean, right. 

I do love the question "what's your speciality?" My answer is always the same; food. We are cooks that know how to entertain. Basically anything around food and drink. 

Here are some of our strong suits:

  • Cooking Classes (pasta, sushi)

  • Private Dining 

  • Tasting Menus (7-15 courses)

  • Cocktail Parties

  • Weddings/Birthdays

Got dietary restrictions? No problem. We love to cook and we love meeting new people so whatever you are celebrating/hosting/or just need someone to cook you dinner, drop us an email, we'd love to help you with your idea. 

Meet Us






Got questions or just want to get to know us? Say hello, we won't keep you on read.
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