dysart media

Another passion of mine is photography. Originally  planned to be my major however I found cooking the things in frame was where I needed to go. That passion turned to hobby.  It was after a one month stay in Japan that I decided to pursue that hobby a little more aggressive. 

On the outside it seems simple, get a camera and you're good to go right? Wouldn't that be nice. This isn't the cheapest hobby out there and the more you nerd out the deeper that rabbit hole becomes. Different lenses, tripods, lights, filters.. the list grows and there is always something you think you need to be better. I should have stuck with my iPhone. If it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not. I now understand why prints and photography services are at the prices they are. Truth is you don't need much. Knowing how to work with what you have will always out beat some fancy gadget. But then again; look like a badass play like one. Sorry, I went off on a rant, back to the story... 


Besides the massive amount of creativity this gives me, I still wanted to see where this would take me. More questions developed than I could answer. Did 10 years of the food industry burn me out? Was this supposed to be my career all along?  Is a $300 camera bag really worth it? The last one is a clear no. As for the other ones, dunno yet but we have come full frame. (hope you like puns) 

With a new camera in hand I set off to, well, take pictures. Anything that caught my eye I stopped to capture, mostly food, street and landscape. The next thing you can imagined I did was share on social media. As my portfolio grew so did my following and opportunities. I was invited to shoot dinner parties, pop-ups, restaurant images and of course all my media. There is a great feeling about putting yourself out there and people not only accepting you but wanting your work. 

I loved it.