dysart media

Another passion of mine is photography. Originally  planned to be my major but found cooking the things in frame was where I needed to go. That passion never faded and a few years ago I decided to pursue that passion a little more aggressive. 

This isn't the cheapest hobby out there and the more you nerd out the deeper that hole becomes. Different lenses, tripods, lights, filters.. the list grows and there is always something you think you need to be better. I should have stuck with my iPhone. Truth is you don't need much. Knowing how to work with what you have will always out beat some fancy gadget. But then again; look like a badass play like one. Sorry, I went off on a rant, back to the story... 

Besides the massive amount of creativity this gave me, I still needed some justification for this new (old) interest. I really wanted to see where this would take me. Did 10 years of the food industry burn me out? Was this supposed to be my career all along?  Dunno yet but we have come full frame. (hope you like puns)